We help businesses bring raw concepts to life as vivid creative stimulus that can be tested with consumers.

About us

Founded by Dan Gallimore and Jon Miller in 2005, SwaG creates stimulus for:
Brand Innovation & NPD
Growing Core Brands
Brand Positioning

Our process gets to the magic at the core of each concept, before adding creative spark to express how it would show up in the real world.

We call this Concept Realisation.

Our process: an example for Visual Concepts.

Our work

Cadbury Marvellous Creations

Cadbury spotted an opportunity to add some fun and magic into a static chocolate block category and asked SwaG to help them:

Develop written concepts, propositions, sub- brand and variant naming.

Create distinctive and engaging visuals of each concept for Qual test.

Deliver disruptive product format ideas.

Refine lead concept for Quant test and internal sign off.

Client feedback


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